Hey! I’m Dave…

I have been shooting professionally since 2004. I’ll shoot just about anything from product, to sports, to people, to music, to architecture and spaces, to landscapes, to food and beyond… just maybe not weddings. Not really my thing.

If you can’t tell from my work, I do work with both ambient and fabricated light. My digital gear is top of the line Nikon cameras and lenses. I own really old-school film cameras that I shoot regularly for my personal stuff as well; a Pentax Asahi 35mm from the 60’s and two large-format view cameras from the 1930’s.

I currently have a full-time job with Red Bull Photography in Santa Monica, CA, but I do like to shoot freelance on the side when possible. If you like what you see, click on the Contact Me button in the bottom right or the Email Icon to the left, or follow me on the social links below.

Most of my work is for sale. Keep an eye out for a link to buy in the bottom left corner of the available photos.

Talk to you soon!